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repuestos usados de camiones

repuestos usados de camiones
repuestos usados de camiones

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repuestos usados de camiones / Used truck parts europe become more interesting in Spain


Used truck parts in Spain become more and more important. The economy in Spain is struggeling in the south of spain and a lot of transport ocpmanies are out of business at the moment and they are selling their stock of trucks and also of coaches and busses.

For the market of repuestos usados de camiones and used truck parts europe it is an interesting situation and also timing to start collecting used Sachs clutches and all used european truck parts from the market Spain. The quality of used truck parts in the market is pretty good but a lot of the high quality material is leaving the country for export like Syria, Irac, Iran and other countries from the far and middle east nations. But we tell you what to buy, sell and trade in Spain.


repuestos usados para camiones

repuestos usados para camiones

The most interesting part in Spain for collecting and selling are used SACHS brand truck clutches with the sízes of 280 – 430 mm diameter, collect them as repuestos usados de camiones and sell them to ZF in Germany. Also used ZF truck gearboxes as repuestos usados de camiones can be sold to ZF and for example used brake calipers from Knorr Bremse can be repuestos usados de camiones and sold to the companies.

For selling used Sachs brand truck clutches or other ZF used truck parts from SPain you can get in contact to the sales copmany in Spain and offer your repuestos usados de camiones only follow the link:

ZF Services España, S.A.U.

C/ Ollamendi, 5 CTV (Júndiz)
01015 Vitoria (Alava)

Telefon: +34 945 292953
Fax: +34 945 290038

For more informations about repuestos usados de camiones please get in contact to us and we will help you out!
For more informations get in contact to us.


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used truck parts on youtube

used truck parts on youtube

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