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RM Trucks

RM Trucks is the place for used european truck parts in Finland.

RM Trucks
RM Trucks

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RM Trucks is a professionell truck dismantling company in Finland. There is no other company in Finland that can compete with RM Trucks concerning used truck parts from europe. RM trucks has an open yard where you can find all kinds of used european truck parts and also whole truck bodys from european trucks. RM Trucks also own warehouse where they stock used european truck parts which are not allowed to get wet outside. The company is a good source for used european truck engines, used european truck gearboxes, used european truck axles and all kind of smaller used european truck spare parts. RM Trucks is has also a special program for used sachs clutch /es. For more informations to this topic please get directly in contact to the company.

Our personal experiences with the RM Trucks has been very good. We appreciate the open minded sahring of news in the branch of used european truck parts and also the possiblity of reaching anytime someone on the phone. Requests by email have been answered very wuickly and on time. So no problem to this.

We would also like to mention that RM trucks is known for a very wide product range of different parts. Mostly they are dismantling brands like SCANIA, VOLVO and more but they can also offer used european truck parts from other brands. RM Trucks is also a trading company for used european truck parts, so be open to offer them something what they can buy from you. As we know RM trucks is open minded for every offer, so do not hesitate and send an email with the used truck parts for european trucks you can offer.

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